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Our team is strategically crafted with years of Oracle experience. We leverage our knowledge to enhance your business with our phased implementations approach to manage your customer’s expectations, deploy seamless integrations, and provide executive level insight.


We have implemented Oracle Service Cloud across different verticals such as retail, ecommerce and finance while introducing Oracle Sales Cloud to the publication and communication verticals. Customization, integration and building efficiencies hallmark our most successful deployments.

Train the Trainer

Our hands on training approach prepares the Oracle administrator to support the configuration, integrations and implementation of the project. Building your Oracle administrator skills prepares them to train front line staff, management and executive users.

Flexible Support

We offer ongoing customer support and dedicate our efforts to process enhancement and implementation support. Working together, our efforts build the foundation to allow for efficient test / learn opportunities, leading to faster delivery gathered from collaborative implementation and integration experience.

About Infolexa

Improving Customer Experience. It's a journey, we'll help you get there.

Infolexa offers services for new and existing Oracle Sales and Service Cloud customers. These implementation services include Oracle Service Cloud Web, Social, Contact Center and Engage experiences.

We help our clients by providing custom integrations for the CX platform with the client’s legacy and external systems. This allows easier access to customer centric service delivery and the ability for better reporting and tracking across multiple platforms.

  • Connect businesses with their audience
  • Provide innovative ways to communicate
  • Help companies reach their goals
  • Increase customer satisfaction

It's a journey, we'll help you get there

At Infolexa, our team prides ourselves on our experiences. We are global travelers. We have families. We are consumers. We have launched contact centers domestically and abroad; created business rules to route emails efficiently; helped teams retire archiac systems with tools that encompass streamlined repeatable processes. We are an information technology company that has the same business needs all companies have.

We've walked in your shoes.

We enjoy creating things from building blocks, to design documentation and celebrate in the accomplishment of deployment. Integrating creative development solutions to achieve our project goals have allowed us to build our toolkit of solutions. For years, testing and collaboration have proven to be the skillset that create success for our clients and their customers.

Give us the opportunity to collaborate and implement our Infolexa Oracle suite of tools solutions to your business roadmap journey.

To differentiate Infolexa from our competitors, we focus on business integration. Connecting tools, retiring manual processes, Excel spreadsheet, multiple tools is the baseline goal we have in supporting our clients. Ease of use and responsiveness are hallmarks in our project delivery.
  • Salesforce
  • Ecommerce
  • ERP
  • Siebel
  • Twilio
We collaborate across our experiences and expertise to generate viable solutions. We stake our reputations on providing insight to out of the box functionality where it will best support agent efficinency, customer satisfaction and business savings. Launching new tools requires user adoption and our team has delivered thousands of hours of training and support. Our journey always provides learning opportunities.
  • User Experience
  • Journey Mapping
  • Workforce
  • Brand / Image Look & Feel
In 2017, Omni-Channel enhancement was our most requested implementation. As a team, we deployed 27 versions with varied combinations of Proactive and Reactive Chat, Engagement Engine, and Co-Browse. The ability to integrate with SSO / PTA streamlines agent and customer efficiency reducing clicks and login requirements.
  • Co-Browse
  • Engagement Engine
  • Chat & Proactive Chat
  • Guided Assistance
  • Single Sign On / Pass Thru Authentication
  • Social Monitoring
  • Community
  • Data Import

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